Fields of Application:

1. Disinfection, sterilization, pest control, air purification, anti-virus, disease prevention, epidemic prevention for hospital, school, hotel, household, warehouse, factory etc.,

2. The spraying disinfection and immunity for poultry farm, veterinary hospital, pet hospital, animal health center, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Customs etc.,
1. The fogger’s head at the end of the hose, adjustable to any angle, instant switching on/off, efficient and convenient.

2. High power motor, super speed sprayer.

3. Quick spraying, solution and labor saving.

4. Rotating spraying, without any blocking.

5. Patented technology adopted to prevent the solution from flowing back after power off.

Model: SFXD-CD05A

Atomization Volume: 470ml/min (adjustable)

Motor: 220 V/110V

Particle size: 10-150μm(adjustable)

Power: 1000 W

Effective range:3-8m

Tank Capacity:5L

N./G.Weight: 2.61/3.78Kg

Chemical: Handles both oil- and water-based chemical solutions

Dimension(mm): 560×240×320

ULV Cold Fogger


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